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Support the Tom Sox

Dear Tom Sox Fan,

Whether a long-term supporter of the Tom Sox or someone considering being part of the support system for an organization that is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our community, thank you! We have been proud to put an award winning team on the field for the community to enjoy since 2015 while bringing in highly talented collegiate players from all over the country with diverse backgrounds. In doing so, it takes great expense and your support to ensure the continued viability and success of the organization. Below are some examples of expenses we incur on an annual basis: 

  • One bus ride (5 per season) – $1,400

  • Player meals for one game (40 per season) – $300

  • One bat (50 per season)- $80

  • One dozen baseballs (100 dozen per season) – $45

  • One jersey (40 per season) – $50

  • One pair of baseball pants (40 per season) – $40

  • One set of practice gear (120 sets per season) – $28

  • One bag of Turface (60-90 bags per season) – $12

  • Umpires (20 home games) – $400

We would appreciate your consideration of a donation to help us cover some of the costs associated with our operation. It is important to us to continue offering a world-class experience to the community, so we greatly appreciate your consideration. See you at the park in June!


The Charlottesville Tom Sox Leadership 

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2. Click the following link to visit Google. Paste the copied link into the URL field then click Add Calendar to complete the process.

Outlook Calendar/Office 365

Currently, Microsoft does not support our format of live calendar. They do, however, support downloaded files. Follow these instructions to add to Outlook:


Click this link to download the calendar file to your computer.

2. Visit Outlook’s calendar view, press Add Calendar, then Import ICS.
3. Select the ICS file you downloaded and the calendar you’d like to import to, then click import.
Please note that this format does not support live updates of game dates and times.

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Follow these instructions to add to your calendar app:

2. Find the function in your chosen calendar app to add a calendar by URL. It may be called “subscribe via link” or “add shared calendar”. Paste the link there, then press the respective button to add to your calendar.

If such a function does not exist, click the below link to download the calendar file and upload it to your calendar app. Please note that this calendar will not update if game dates or times change.
Tom Sox Calendar

Tom Sox Poker Tournament

March 23 – 7 PM – Elks Lodge