Tom Sox TV Alumni

Photo with 2018 Tom Sox media interns

2018 (“The OGs”)

  • Zach Hamilton: NBC Sports Washington Producer, Fredericksburg Nationals Broadcast

  • Julia Stumbaugh: Staff & Freelance Writer

2019 (“The Dream Team”)

  • Libby Davidson: Assistant Product Line Manager at Under Armour

  • Tyler Fannin: Former Georgia Southern Football Graduate Assistant

  • Nick Grossman: Washington Capitals Communications Assistant

  • Crawford Humphreys (2018-19): Fox Sports Freelance Production Assistant

  • Doria Martingayle: 2023 Master’s Graduate (LSU Communications), LSU Track & Field

  • Madison McNamee: NBC29 Reporter

  • Ben Trent: Fortitude Systems Technical Recruiter

Photo with Tom Sox media team
Photo with Tom Sox media team

2020 (“The COVID Crew”)

  • Kennedy Adcock: Cortland Leasing Partner & Social Media Ambassador

  • Trenton Fisher: Communications specialist

  • Greer Gill: 2023 Master’s Graduate (UVA Commerce)

  • Taylor Golden-Wise: Detroit teacher & swim coach

  • Brendan Kucera: On3 Sports

Photo with 2021 Tom Sox media interns
Photo with 2021 Tom Sox media interns
Photo with 2021 Tom Sox media interns


  • Dylan Castagne: Washington Nationals Video Production Assistant

  • Brendan Farrell: 2024 Graduate (USF), USF Football

  • Eric Fenstermaker: ESPN Production Assistant

  • Zech Lambert: Mitchell Republic (SD) Sports Reporter

  • Lauryn Nilson: Longhorn Network Production Assistant

  • Simon Rader: 2023 Graduate (South Carolina Sports Management)

  • Brooke Steach: ESPN Production Assistant

  • Kelly Warner: ESPN Features Intern

2022 (“The Dawgs”)

  • Joe Callahan Jr.: 2023 Graduate (Penn State Broadcast Journalism)

  • Dora Friedman: 2024 Graduate (UVA Commerce)

  • Ryan Marinaro: 2025 Graduate (South Carolina)

  • Tucker Myers: 2024 Graduate (UVA Media Studies), UVA Football Recruiting Assistant

  • Destiny Sanchez: 2024 Graduate (Penn State Broadcast Journalism), & Big Ten Network+ Reporter

  • Ava Seccuro: 2024 Graduate (UVA Media Studies)

  • Will Trout: 2025 Graduate (UVA Economics)

Photo with 2022 Tom Sox media interns
Image with Tom Sox media interns
Image of Dora Friedman
Ava Seccuro
Photo of 2023 Tom Sox intern team
Photo of 2023 Tom Sox interns

2023 (“Jordan Year”)

  • David Argo (2017-23): 2024 Graduate (UVA American Studies/Media Studies), UVA Athletics/ACC Network Graphics Producer
  • Maya Bieling: 2026 Graduate (Penn State)
  • Duncan Coppi: 2025 Graduate (VCU)
  • Gianna Cutaia: 2024 Graduate (Penn State Broadcast Journalism)
  • Emmy Franklin (2022-23): 2027 Graduate (TBD)
  • Gianni Maltese: 2024 Graduate (Bridgewater)
  • Duncan McGrath: 2024 Graduate (UVA Media Studies/History)
  • Alex Rocco: 2024 Graduate (Penn State Broadcast Journalism)
  • Nathan Schwartz: 2025 Graduate (Maryland)
  • Jacob Tisdale: 2024 Graduate (UVA Media Studies)

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